An integrated EHR + billing platform


• Inflated insurance & patient AR
• Denials for referrals and authorizations
• Implementation of EHR
• Integration of EHR with hospital lab system


• Eligibility information provided to practice daily
• Electronic remittance set up for 90% insurances
• Daily denials tracked and reconciled
• Seamless integration of EHR within the practice
• Onsite and remote training and support for EHR


• Insurance AR under currently 5%
• 120+ overall AR currently at 4.82%
• Average monthly collections increased by $70,000 within a year
• Negotiated rates for Remicade infusion resulting in higher reimbursements
• One of the few physicians’ to receive MU Stage 1 incentives using a mobile EHR

“I have portability. My records are available in office, in hospital, at home and on the go”