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Insurance companies are paying less and less for more and more work. There’s ongoing intrusion into clinical decision making. Contracts are difficult to negotiate. What’s best for the patient doesn’t seem to be what’s best for the bottom-line. There must be a better way.

We’ve helped doctors not just survive but thrive since 2005 through efficient business models and technology. Partner with us to make healthcare simpler and better for you and your patients.


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Business - Automate your revenue cycle

Automate your revenue cycle

Manual billing is inefficient, expensive, time-consuming and prone to delayed or denied payments. Either partially or completely outsource your billing, coding & revenue cycle functions to optimize your workflow. Repurpose the money you save to grow your business.

Start new service lines

With the advent of non-invasive screening tests, traditional streams of revenue are vulnerable. Prepare for the future by developing new ancillary revenue streams.

Business - Start new service lines
Business - Unlock the value of your data

Unlock the value of your data

Healthcare organizations don’t realize the value of their most precious asset: data. Unlock the potential of your data by utilizing our data and analytics services.

Stay compliant

Whether its credentialing, an insurance audit or staying compliant on an ongoing basis, our team will make sure you are well protected.

Business - Stay compliant

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