Setting up a Wellness and Cardiology practice – billing and EHR


The client is a newly established cardiology and wellness center in New Mexico.


The client came to us with the intent to setup a new practice. We first started with credentialing the doctor for all major insurance companies in New Mexico. We then worked with the practice staff and the physician to setup entire billing operations. This involved creating a software office key for the practice management system (AdvancedMD), setting up electronic remittances (ERAs) and electronic fund transfers (EFTs). After billing operations were stabilized, we implemented enki EHR, our cloud/mobile based electronic health record platform.


A client and her staff can simply call us with the desire to startup on her own and we will make it happen. Establishing a well-honed billing process requires discipline and experience, which we bring. This offers the financial stability required to run a medical practice. Rolling out an EHR does not have to mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and disruption of workflow. Our enki EHR platform is beautifully designed so that it’s simple for users to train themselves and it’s easy for the practice to implement. Our ability to hand-hold doctors and their staff through successful transition into seamless billing and a rollout of an advanced EHR platform helps in thriving independently in a challenging business environment.