Integrations, Automations & Health IT

Connect to other systems. Automate data transfers. Use our expertise for custom health IT projects

Healthcare provider organizations use us to integrate their systems to labs, pharmacies, health registries and legacy HIS systems. Clients utilize our automations to speed up transition to new EHRs or other software. Our vast expertise can be helpful for many custom health IT requirements.


Integrate with other health systems, labs, pharmacy networks and health registries to enhance patient care and efficiency.


Use technology to automate routine tasks and workflows to save time and resources, reduce errors, and improve the overall efficiency of operations.

Other Health IT projects

Build enterprise software, leverage digital tools to integrate healthcare systems. Improve efficiency of healthcare delivery and administration through health IT.

Full spectrum of digital health competencies for your next big idea

Healthcare interoperability

Cloud management

Product development

Hardware integration

Business Analytics

App development

Projects and automations

Tool that maintains claims accuracy using algorithms

AR optimizer

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