When connecting the EHR and Practice Management System can disrupt payments


The client is a healthcare organization focused on health promotion through cardiovascular health.


The client required us to integrate an EHR with the practice management system we use (AdvancedMD). But while contracting with the EHR vendor, the client accidentally signed Medicare EDI agreements. This led to payments going into the wrong system – the EHR, whereas, billing was done by AdvancedMD – creating discrepancy in both systems.


Our team identified the problem of wrong payments because incorrect contracting and notified both the client and Medicare. We further fixed the error by helping the client execute a new EDI agreement and ensuring a smooth coordination with both the EHR vendor and the practice management system.


After reconciling the problems, the practice now receives correct payments which has helped them function without any worry of further payment disruption. Sometimes, it is the smallest things can lead to unnecessary escalations disturbing the rhythm of the business. Our team is extremely vigilant of business pitfalls and steps in to go the distance to resolve anything at hand.