Customizing for Cardiology


We work with one of the largest cardiology groups in New Mexico. Its providers consult with patients in Albuquerque and various satellite locations.


Here are four distinct types of challenges that the group faced:
1) EKG Mania. The doctors would send billing sheets for EKGs occasionally, which meant that they would pile up into huge batches. This not only created a bottleneck in billing but also risked their payments.
2) Scheduling for Nuclears. Various types of procedures required distinct scheduling requirements, particularly Nuclear studies but most practice management systems did not provide ease of customization for Nuclear studies.
3) Carrying suitcases to Satellite clinics. When doctors visited satellite clinics, they would carry suitcases filled with paper patient charts, which was not only a hindrance but also a risk towards HIPAA compliance.
4) I want to keep my transcriptionist. During the EHR rollout, a few doctors were not comfortable with entering information into a computer or a tablet device. They wanted to continue using their transcriptionists.


Not only did we streamline their billing process and got their denials in control every day, we customized our services and software to accommodate for their specific needs. Here’s how:

1) Automating EKGs. We wrote custom software scripts that extracted billing information from EKGs in order to bill. This saved both sides a lot of time and curtailed the risk of denials due to timely filing.
2) Custom scheduler. We worked with AdvancedMD (the practice management software) to customize a scheduler that works for the group, especially so that they could accommodate for Nuclear medicine.
3) iPads instead of suitcases to satellite clinics. After enki EHR rollout, doctors are free to carry iPads and access their medical records instead of dragging suitcases to satellite clinics. It tremendously increased security and safety of patient information.
4) Making transcriptionists part of the team. As a cloud-based system, it was easy for us to create separate user profiles and notes modules for the transcriptionists. enki EHR’s security features helped us switch off the functionality that was not relevant for the transcriptionists. This helped them digitize the medical records in a manner that the doctors were used to. The doctors enjoyed the benefits of digital records without worrying about data entry into computers.


The cardiologists enjoy the benefits of a modern EHR even while circumventing challenges that they would usually face. The administrators of the group are able to coordinate with various stakeholders with ease and get everyone paid accurately in time.