Getting a lab credentialed despite insurance closing doors


The client is a clinical pathology lab setup within a larger multi specialty group in New York.


As a newly setup lab, it was difficult to get insurances to open doors to a contract. Even though the lab was rapidly expanding, claims that were submitted without contract were denied by the insurance companies. Further, billing required that we access software used by the multi specialty group and segregate lab payments for our clients.


We persistently followed through with insurances resulting two major contracts for our client, this resulted in rapid changes in revenues. The secret of making insurance companies open their closed doors was to knock again and again.

We also coordinated with the software vendor used by the multi specialty group to submit lab claims and receive payments without disrupting rules setup by the umbrella organization.


We continue to persist with opening other insurance doors for our client. Meanwhile, the lab enjoys steady growth month upon month with the assurance that our team is taking care of getting them paid correctly for their work.