From resistance to love – EHR rollout


The client is a gastroenterology practice based in New York. Initially, the doctor was resistant to the idea of implementing an EHR fearing the operational disruption that would entail and the difficulty in adapting it to his clinical context. But he was keen to not be left behind with long term technology adaption.


1) We trained the administrator of the practice as a super user who could always be available for the doctor when he had questions.
2) We created distinct medical templates that could be used in the clinical context of his practice.
3) The practice became efficient in tracking Meaningful Use compliance using enki compliance dashboards.


1) The practice achieved Meaningful Use incentives using enki EHR.
2) Our team coordinates both EHR use and billing information seamlessly so that the practice can benefit from a unified experience.
3) Implementation of enki EHR was completed in less than a week with minimal disruption to practice workflow.