Can a solo practitioner thrive in the current environment?


The client is a gastroenterology practice based in Massachusetts. We have worked with the practice for eight years.


1) Tracking Remicade payments from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). Remicade is an expensive infusion drug typically given to patients of Crohn’s Disease. Any denials due to Remicade result in significant losses to the practice because they would’ve already purchased the drug. BCBS, a major insurer, underpaid on Remicade claims.
2) A really short EHR implementation. The client did not want to hold up his practice during the EHR rollout and preferred a faster implementation cycle.
3) EHR on an iPad, just like a paper chart. When we rolled out enki EHR for this client, he wanted to know if he could use only our iPad modules, while his staff could use the extended cloud-based version.
4) Navigating Meaningful Use. The client wanted to ensure Meaningful Use compliance every week.


We work closely with the client to ensure his practice remains one of the best in the country in terms of payment accuracy, timeliness and technology use.

1) Remicade Watcher. We established a Remicade Watcher to ensure a close watch on all Remicade claims that resulted in 100% payments. This helped us flag lower than expected payments from insurer BCBS, which resulted in resubmissions that compelled the carrier to pay accurately.
2) enki EHR rollout in less than a week. We conducted an onsite implementation in less than a week. The practice has been live on enki, our cloud/mobile EHR platform for more than three years.
3) The Mobile First EHR. The client’s preference to use enki EHR mobile modules encouraged us to provide complete functionality via the iPad. This resulted in him achieve Meaningful Use Stage 1 compliance primarily through an iPad.
4) Consulting for Meaningful Use. Our Meaningful Use consultants track the practice’s success in compliance every week and provide feedback that’s critical to keep them on track.


In a world where physicians are under increasing fiscal pressure to abandon their medical practices and take up jobs with hospitals, our client thrives through disciplined billing practices and using advanced technology.