Setting up a neurology clinic


The client split from a neurology group to setup her own practice in metropolitan Georgia. We helped the client in a variety of ways to establish herself.


1) Credentialing. We completed credentialing with all major insurance companies successfully. This was the first step to helping the doctor getting setup on her own.
2) EDI/ERA/EFT utilities. Once the practice management software was established, we setup EDI, electronic remittance (ERA) and electronic fund transfer (EFT) utilities to help with timely payment.
3) PQRS compliance. We helped the practice demonstrate Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) compliance and earn incentives through the program.
4) ICD-10CM Training. We trained the practice in ICD-10CM coding and coordinated with the team to ensure zero ICD-10CM denials after coding transition in October 2015.
5) Meaningful Use Compliance. We consulted with the practice for Meaningful Use (MU) and helped them demonstrate MU compliance.
6) Change of location compliance. When the practice changed their location twice, we worked with the insurances to update address change information and ensured that payments are not disrupted.
7) Botox tracking. We developed a tracking mechanism for expensive Botox injections to ensure complete payments on these claims.


Neurology is a complicated sub-specialty of medicine. Setting up a medical practice in today’s environment doubles the complexity of running neurology clinic. We helped the doctor successfully establish herself in tough metropolitan area by helping in variety of ways beyond billing.