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Our process

We get clarity on what you intend to do and the problems it solves for the target audience. Brainstorm differentiators, unique value proposition of your solution Determine who your ideal user is, their needs, preferences, and what platforms they are most likely to use.
Together generate and refine ideas for the app or software solution. In this phase, our app developers and designers work together to come up with the hierarchy of the app. Get high fidelity mockups to visualize the overall structure of the app and the user experience.
Based on the insights from phase 1 and 2, we determine the development platform. The mockup designs are refined and converted into working app/software prototype. Test builds are extensively tested and soft launched to a pre-determined beta users.
The solution is launched on the app Store or distribution platform after incorporating user feedback and bug resolution. Successive versions, security patches are released based on the evolution of the solution.

Ideas we’ve helped validate


Develop IoT device with cloud based dashboard and APIs for third party integration with EHR.

Develop patient-centered medical app and dashboard to track health journey for members and coaches.

Design user interface for robotic exoskeleton system - MARS.

Create user interface for ventilator.

Johnson & Johnson

Create patient app to complement knee replacement system, with integrated data and sales tracking.

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