How Do You Get 5 Star Reviews From Patients? Ask Them

If you haven’t noticed already the popularity of doctor-review sites is on the rise. Healthgrades has over 3 million listed providers. Another review site Vitals claims to collect over 1.4 billion data points on doctors.

survey found 84% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians. 47% of them are willing to go out-of-network for a doctor with more favorable reviews.

Some doctors resist the trend. While some others take advantage of it.

Like Dr. M who seems to engage patients masterfully. Take a look.

Dr. M has over 5 pages of reviews of Vitals with an average rating of a stellar 4.8 on 5. Here’s a sample review.

If you took time to read the review, this patient’s problems aren’t “over” but s/he rated the doctor 5 stars.

Without question, Dr. M is a great doctor with sound clinical outcomes. Surely, patients must be treated compassionately. Possibly, the practice is also operationally efficient.

But there’s something more happening here. For patients to make the effort of going online and writing a review.

Making your best patients into powerful brand advocates

In today’s digital world, reviews have the power to significantly boost patient volume. Simply because patients trust other patients.

A high quality patient experience can instantly turn patients into powerful brand advocates.

The secret to making this work is this.

You ASK.

Yes it’s that simple. So obviously simple that I’m sure you wonder if there’s more to it.

But the reality is that it works.

Right after a patient receives great service and care, request a review. You’ll be surprised at the number of responses you’ll receive.

Getting patients to review you online. In 3 simple steps

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Instruct your front-desk to capture the patient’s email address. Patients will be willing to share their email address if they know that they’ll be receiving their medical records digitally and securely.

2. Remind patients. At the end of the visit, remind patients that you’ll be sharing their medical records by email.

3. Use this email script when you share medical records. Setup your electronic health record (EHR) software to automatically send the following email when you share medical records.

The mindset of ASK

Most people (including patients) respond well to a request when asked. Here are 4 strategies that’ll help you and your staff get into the mindset of asking reviews.

1. Provide quality services, actually.

2. Even a few reviews matter. Start small

3. Don’t bribe patients. Feel clean

4. Make patient engagement a team effort.

The world of healthcare is changing. Transforming into a more customer-centric arena. Reviews play a crucial role in engaging patients online. With one review building over the other.

Now, over to you.


Originally published on LinkedIn,  by Praveen Suthrum, President & Co-Founder, NextServices.